INTER, CH Can Rus RKF Ltu Lv Est
Vickilyn`s Durrers Get  Busy


Durrer`s E Z Does It

CH Can
Durrer`s Why Stop Now
Ch Durrer`s Ace High
Durrer`s Ev-R-Ready
Gotta Sizzlin`CinderCh Durrer`s Tin Whistle
Durrer`s Gota Gimme Ginget
CH Can Durrer`s Laura AshleyCH Can
Durrer`s He`s The Boss
Ch Durrer`s Copiright At Barker
Ch Durrer`s Tuned For Glory
Durrer`s Strike A PoseCh Durrer`s High Frequency
Gotta Sizzlin`Cinder
CH Rus Lit Blr

Adrenalin Great Ambitions

CH Int USA Can Blr Fin Est Rus Durrer's Preferred StockCH Can Durrer's High FalutinCh Durrer's Ace High
Durrer's Whistle Bait
Durrer's SavannahDurrer's Must Be Good
Ch Durrer's Ringside Rumor
CH Lit CH Fin Rus RKF Mol Pol
De Majodian Jolie Fleur
De Majodian Plaisir D'AmourCH Fin
Jeux Interdits De Majodian
Joconde Mon Amour De Majodian
De Majodian Fleur D'Interdit
CH Fin
Jeux Interdits De Majodian
Ch Int Fin Swe Fra Swi
Gueule De Loup De Majodian
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